Client Testimonials

“The value of my business and the targeted investments that I have built up over the years will
certainly provide me with a comfortable retirement. But the Individual Pension Plan (IPP) that
I set up with Donaldson Vincent Associates in the 1990s has provided a core pension base with
an unmatched level of protection. The IPP is a registered plan with all of its assets in a trust that
cannot be attacked by creditors.

In addition as actuaries and consultants DVA has worked closely with me to maximize the tax
deductible contributions my Company makes to the IPP trust fund and keep the plan on side
with pension and tax authorities. It has meant that the fund currently has over 100% more tax
sheltered funds than would have been the case with a simple RRSP.

It has been great working with DVA on the plan over the years.”

Tom Davidson

“Our missions serve throughout the world requiring a dedicated administration staff, lay
and Priest ministers. Donaldson Vincent Associates has helped us not only with the
normal services required to keep our staff pension plan on track, but they also have
been very helpful with our special funds set up by friends and donors of the Society.
DVA has ensured that the special funds remain solvent and achieve their objectives.
DVA’s consultants have been particularly good at explaining the intricacies of the
operation of the funds in plain and non-technical language.”

Father John Carten, Treasurer General
Scarboro Foreign Mission Society


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