Balancing Pre-Retirement Savings with Post-Retirement Needs

For decades it has been assumed that an ideal retirement income should replace 70% of pre-retirement income. There was very little in the way of evidence backing up this “rule of thumb” but it has remained the goal for constructing pre-retirement savings programs.

In the last few years new analysis and research has developed an alternative to the 70% “rule of thumb” based on an individual’s living standards leading up to retirement. This has been given the name Living Standard Replacement Ratio (LSRR).


December 22, 2016

QPP Consultation Issued – December 21, 2016

The Quebec government has launched a consultation process with respect to the Quebec Pension Plan and opened up the possibility of changes to the QPP that would harmonize, to a...

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October 14, 2016

CPP Change Legislation – Oct. 7, 2016

The B.C. Government completed its review and has now signed onto the CPP Changes.  This officially results in nine Provinces (excludes Quebec for now) accepting the enhancement process for the...

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June 22, 2016

CPP Changes

A tentative agreement has been reached with 8 Provinces to make changes to the Canada Pension Plan beginning with a contribution increase for both employers and employees effective for payrolls...

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June 06, 2016

ORPP Act Passed

Bill 186 passed third reading in the legislature on Monday June 6th. Regulations are expected this summer. The Ontario Retirement Pension Plan continues to dominate the pension plan debate in...

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