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For 50 or more years investment results for pension plans and other investment funds have been presented, usually with the use of bar charts, for a single measurement date. Typically the measurement date is the latest calendar quarter ending date.

Investment surveys have often warned the reader to keep in mind that the results are only for the particular measurement or ending date and that results for other ending dates should always be considered when assessing an investment vehicle’s results over time.

Unfortunately these surveys do not provide a simple and effective method for viewing investment results for other ending or measurement dates.DV Associates has developed a unique method for presenting investment results for multiple measurement dates.

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Our prime focus is to take the hassle out of all aspects of our clients’ employee benefits and retirement savings programs.

Within a couple of weeks of appointment as manager of our Group RRSP/DPSP, Donaldson Vincent Associates had established order and eliminated confusion with respect to each members’ investment holdings. The employees were much happier and had gained some confidence that the retirement savings program would meet their objectives.”

Ralph Lake, President, L & M Precision Products Inc.


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