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As pension plan consultants DVA’s particular expertise consists of the implementation and management of DC Plans and Group RRSPs. Although the Guidelines for Capital Accumulation Plans (CAP Guidelines) issued by the Canadian Association of Pension Supervisory Authorities are not binding regulations we manage all DC Plans and Group RRSPs in accordance with the CAP Guidelines. For the individual member of the Group RRSP or DC plan the following are DVA’s services.

Analysis of Current Portfolio

DVA takes care in piecing together and summarizing in a clear fashion the member’s portfolio and analyzing the portfolio in accordance with the stated objectives.

Formation of a Coherent Portfolio

DVA formulates a disciplined and clear portfolio and does not suggest investments that are too specialized or too risky for the investor.

Frequent Review

DVA examines an investor’s portfolio at least once every three months but adjustments are only made if there is a clear deviation from the objectives of the investor.


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