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Provisions under the Income Tax Act with respect to the maximum annual RRSP tax deductible contributions has lead many business owners, employed professionals and employers to establish Individual Pension Plans or IPPs for themselves and senior executives.

DV Associates has set up and managed many types of IPPs designed to utilize to the fullest the taxation benefits available under the Income Tax Act. This continues to be the case even with the changes made to IPP’s by the June 6, 2011 budget and modified by the September 29, 2011 Ways and Means Motion.

The IPP is the last and most neglected tax shelter available under Canadian tax law. When established with proper care and invested under an institutional investment regime, the IPP is the high net worth person’s first line of defense against inflation, taxes and encroachment by creditors.

Depending upon the circumstances an IPP can accumulate up to 5 times the assets possible under a regular RRSP. Classified as an institutionally regulated investment program the IPP is able to engage, at a reduced cost, professional pension plan investment managers. The typical management fee is 1% p.a.

For an IPP member with investment expertise a customized investment program can be constructed with the management fee even less than 1%. It is possible to keep trustee/custodial fees to a manageable amount and in some cases to virtually nothing.

DVA’s actuarial and consulting fees can also be kept to a minimum. We will provide an estimated annual cost quotation without obligation. This includes both a minimum and maximum tax deductible and tax sheltered plan contribution(s) specific to the IPP member’s circumstances, as well as all fees applicable.

Individual Pension Plans (IPPs) Overview

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