Useppa Holdings Limited

The predecessor company to Useppa Holdings Limited established the Individual Pension Plan (IPP) for the principal of the company in 1983. The plan currently remains well funded and will soon begin pension payments to the sole plan member. It is expected, given the extremely low interest rates, that the plan will not attempt any annuity purchase but will continue as a registered pension plan and will pay the pension benefits directly from the existing investment fund.

Recently DVA, in conjunction with the plan member, revised the Statement of Investment Policies and Procedures of the plan to better meet the objectives of the client/member. At the same time the trust arrangement was changed.


Ipex Inc. was formed in 1992 from an amalgamation of the pipe divisions of Canron and Scepter Manufacturing. At that time DV Associates assisted management of the newly formed company (then called Scepter/Canron Inc.) to negotiate and review all employee benefit and pension plan matters and implement the merger of the two employee groups.

Following the initial merger process, DV Associates acted as actuary and benefits consultant for all benefit plans applicable to the approximately 1,500 employees of the new company. In the mid-1990s Ipex Inc. greatly expanded its Group RRSP program and with the guidance of DV Associates established an enhanced investment and administration program for the 600 plan members. With the introduction of the CAP Guidelines effective December 31, 2005, DVA established a comprehensive document and procedures for implementation all aspects of the CAP Guidelines to the Ipex Group RRSP.

In the period leading up to 2009 DVA has worked extensively with Ipex Inc. to manage, provide auditor guidance, liability calculations and RCA consulting for the company’s supplemental plan.


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