Donaldson Vincent Associates was formed in 1997 through …

Donaldson Vincent Associates was formed in 1997 through a combination of the employee benefit and investment consulting practice of Donaldson Associates and the pension, actuarial and benefits consulting practice of B. J. Vincent Company Limited.

Donaldson Vincent Associates’ mission is to always be current and coherent for both the plan sponsor and the investor, as well as, the plan member and other stakeholders.

DVA’s Breadth and Resources

DV Associates has experience in employee benefits, pensions and investment analysis dating back more than 20 years. But DVA’s current breadth of knowledge and access to unique resources gives our clients a new perspective.

The principals of DV Associates, as described above, have a variety of experience and qualifications. In addition the technical staff of Vincent Associates, including software and website developers, are available for specialized work for the clients of DVA. Further DVA has direct access to the vast database of investment statistics and other information gathered daily by Fundata Canada Inc.

Our primary source of investment information consists of mutual fund data from the Fund Profiler, owned by Fundata Canada and the B. J. Vincent Company Pooled Pension Fund Survey. This data and the resources and specialized personnel of Fundata Canada and Vincent Associates gives DVA the ability to create innovative solutions for our clients


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